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June 2022 - Second Edition

Church News...


We would like to put together a team of people to help with ideas and planning for our CAMEO group.

CAMEO is an outreach activity for both our church family and also our friends and neighbours.


Do you have some good ideas for helping this group stay fun and engaging - whilst also sharing God's love with one another?


If so, please speak to Mandy.

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Meet the Vokuhls
Saturday 18th June,

Come and meet the Vokuhl family and hear about their work in Nepal with the Baptist Missionary Society. This is the 1st time as a church we have met our BMS church partners so please come if you can. After hearing from the Vokuhls we'll enjoy a cuppa and some homemade cake together.


Julian & Anne will be away from Sunday 26th June to Friday 15th July.

Julian would appreciate not being contacted on any church issues whilst away.

In his absence, please speak to one of the Leadership team.


“You will never explore new oceans when you don’t have courage to lose sight of land. Herein lies the challenge not to be content with the shallow waters of our relationship with God but to dive into the vast deep treasures of His love and all that He is.

Allow a new season, opportunity, venture because ‘we’ve never been this way before'.”

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LITE Groups meet Monday 20th at 7.30pm (on Zoom); Tuesday 21st at 7.30pm (Julian & Anne's group);
Wednesday 22nd at 2.30pm in the church (Mandy's group).


Saturday 21st July
Speak to Malcolm if you would like to play or to come and spectate.


If you are a tax payer, have you completed a Gift Aid Form?
Our church benefits by receiving an extra 25p direct from HMRC, for every £1 you donate. This applies for giving by standing order, weekly envelopes or cheque. Please contact Malcolm McCulloch for more details on how you can give to SBC.

For the June AMEN Trust Prayer News ...


£59,060 reached!

This figure does not include money from our church reserves (around £62K), which would bring our grand total to approx £121,000.

This is an amazing total, but we're still not quite there!

Thank you to all those who have given so generously!

The PDF downloadable version of the Newsletter is available here:

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