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 Eco Church 

At SBC we are hoping to take on the challenge of becoming an 'Eco Church', a scheme set up by A Rocha UK to help equip churches to express our care for God’s world through:  ​

  • our worship and teaching 

  • how we look after our buildings and land

  • how we engage with our local community & in global campaigns 

  • the personal lifestyles of our congregation

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Next Churches Together Eco Chat

Saturday 4th December, 10.30am @ Methodist Church

Have a Happy (and Sustainable) Christmas

Many people find that Christmas is not the season of good will … just a time of stress! For too many of us, Christmas is over-commercialised; we feel under constant pressure to do things we don’t enjoy, to buy things we don’t want, to spend and be wasteful. If you are trying to live sustainably – Christmas is a time that can really test you!


So how can we live more sustainably – and still give some meaning to Christmas? There will be a chance to find out – and share your own ideas - at December’s Eco Chat on Saturday 4 December. Peter Horrocks from the United Reformed Church in Stratford will be reminding us about the true meaning of Christmas, and there will be an opportunity to share ideas about ways to make Christmas more sustainable.


The session will start with (non-alcoholic) mulled wine and mince pies at 10.30 am at Stratford Methodist Church Centre in Old Town. In the meantime, here are a few ideas to set you going.


  • People are at the heart of Christmas – celebrate with friends and neighbours

  • Make your own good cheer – and buy local and seasonal

  • Be generous with yourself and time – gifts are not just a matter of money


Finally, give yourself some time off and remember what Christmas is really celebrating: a time of new life.


For more ideas, go to

40 days challenge...

In our climate themed service at the beginning of November we were each challenged to make a change to our lifestyles, e.g. eat less red meat, cycle or walk more. Making a change, however small it may seem to us, can have a great impact. How are you doing on your 40 day challenge?