Sunday Services 

What to expect 

When you arrive at the church, you will be greeted by members of our Welcome Team. Feel free to ask them any questions you may have and to tell them a little about yourself if you are happy to. 


There is no dress code and you are free to sit wherever you like.

Our Sunday service starts at  10:30am 

If you are thinking of joining us, we would love to see you!  

The service usually lasts 60-90 minutes and will include singing (a mixture of both modern and older, familiar songs); prayers (either open times of prayers for anyone to pray out loud, or led prayers from the Minister or leaders); a sermon/talk based on a Bible passage, which will hopefully help us apply what we learn to our everyday lives (we try not to go on too long – about 20-25 minutes!); sometimes a mission slot, to help us pray for and think of those working in other parts of the world; and sometimes a short children’s talk. 

We always want to be responsive to the Holy Spirit in our services, so sometimes we might feel it is necessary to just stop and listen, or to respond to what we think God might be prompting us towards. 

After the service, we like to enjoy a time of chatting and catching up over tea/coffee and biscuits. We are a church that likes cake, and will try to find any excuse to have cake after the service!

We would love you to join us after the service so that we can get to know you a little better.


Children & Young People

If you have children with you, they typically leave the service after about 30 minutes to learn more about God in their Sunday group/s, before coming back in at the end of the service. (If your child/children would rather not go out, that is absolutely fine! It’s important to us that both children and adults feel comfortable in their time with us.) 

We take seriously the safety and nurture of our children and young people.

If you would like to see a copy of our safeguarding policy, please click below.


The first Sunday of each month is usually a communion service. We use non-alcoholic wine. There is also a gluten free alternative, instead of the bread, for those who need it. Typically, we remain seated during communion, and the bread and wine are passed round. We believe that communion is for those who have a personal relationship with Christ Jesus, and who have experienced his life- changing grace. If you would rather not take communion, please just let the bread and wine pass you by, and please do not be embarrassed. Communion does, however, offer us the chance to put right anything in our relationship with God, and we believe we all need to know God’s love, grace, and forgiveness afresh in our lives continually.

communion 2-unsplash.jpg

Photo by David Weber on Unsplash


Covid - Back to Church

Although all Government restrictions have now lifted, the Baptist Union of Great Britain recommends that it is both sensible and appropriate for churches to continue to take some measures to limit the spread of Covid-19. Churches have a responsibility to protect their staff, congregations, communities, and other users of their buildings. Good ventilation, diligence in hygiene, wearing a face covering in enclosed and crowded spaces, and limiting contact with those we do not live with, are all noted as beneficial behaviours. However, it is now down to each church to determine for itself what measures to take.

At SBC we want to do all we can to protect both our church family and visitors, and to minimise the chance of contacting Covid. With this in mind, here are our recommendations:

  • Face masks to be worn whist inside the building, unless you are exempt from wearing one.

  • Do not come to church if you are feeling unwell and exhibiting any of the Covid symptoms.

  • Sanitise your hands as you come into the building.

  • Please use the track & trace app to scan in with the QR code if you are able, otherwise names and contact numbers will be taken at the door.

  • Seating – in order to spread ourselves out as much as possible, one chair spaces to be left between family groups/’bubbles’. This is roughly the equivalent of a metre space.

  • Singing – We will be singing in our services but with masks on and perhaps with a little less gusto! God has good hearing and as we know He is more interested in our hearts than how loud we sing.

  • Communion – we will be using individually sealed communion juice and wafers. An alternative will be provided for those who require gluten free.

  • Collection – Direct debit is the preferred means of giving, but for those who would prefer to give either cash or cheques, a collection bag will be available after the service.

  • Fellowship before and after the service – as much as possible – especially when the weather is good – try and have your conversations with one another outside.

  • Teas & Coffee – We are serving teas, coffees and biscuits for those who want to stay after the service to chat to others. If you would rather bring your own refreshments, please do. 

  • And VERY IMPORTANTLY – Please be sensitive to one another. We will possibly all feel differently about returning to church. Some may feel a degree of trepidation and others will be overjoyed and will exude excitement! Please be courteous to one another and ask first before shaking hands, hugging, or getting too close to someone. There is no right or wrong about these things, but recognise that what one person may be comfortable with, another may not. In all things may we show our love and consideration to one another.